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510 SQ.M

This Robina roof restoration was essential for maintaining the look and protecting the structure of the property. Before painting a house roof, it’s crucial to replace any broken tiles and repoint any missing mortar. Neglecting repairs can result in moisture seeping into your home, causing water damage and mould growth. Painting over damaged areas will only cover the problem, leading to more significant issues and expenses in the future. Proper maintenance and repair of the roof can also improve energy efficiency, making your home more comfortable while reducing energy bills. Ensure you inspect and repair any damages before undertaking a roof restoration project to enjoy the full benefits of a beautiful and functional roof.

Complete roof restoration at Robina, Gold Coast.

This property had failed its pre purchase building inspection. We were awarded the job with the owner being referred to In Colour Roof Restorations by the owner’s friend.

We completed a full restoration consisting of

  1. High pressure wash
  2. Replace broken tiles
  3. Clip valley tiles
  4. Seal around antenna brackets
  5. Re-point ridge capping
  6. Apply 1 coat of ShieldCoat CT-401 high build surface primer
  7. 2 Coats of ShieldCoat roof membrane
  8. 1 Coat of ShieldCoat NanoProtect SC-96

Colour: Dark Charcoal

We also pressure washed and coated the drive way using ShieldCoat Concreseal in Charcoal.

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