You should see it with In Colour How we go the extra mile to restore your roof

Our procedures have been refined over 4 decades to ensure the absolute best results are achieved for each and every client.

Using only Australian products from Australian owned businesses we do our best to help local people keep local jobs.

Being a part of the ShieldCoat & Dulux Accredited Applicators we are able to analyse the best product from anti-fungal washes, sealers, primers, membranes and even heat reflective Cool Roof finishes.

Pressure cleaning Excellent surface preparation is key to a long lasting restoration

Our cleaning procedure is as follows:

  1. Sand bag street gutter and set up bilge pump to ensure no water enters our waterways
  2. Block or divert downpipes that may enter water tanks or swimming pools etc
  3. Cover swimming pool if required
  4. Apply mould kill if required
  5. Pressure wash the surface of the tile with a whirl-a-way
  6. Pressure wash the nose of the tile with a variable lance
  7. Pressure wash the valley irons and valley cut tiles with a variable lance
  8. Pressure wash barge caps from every angle with a variable lance
  9. Pressure wash pointing with a variable lance
  10. Pressure wash all flashings with a variable lance
  11. Pressure wash all pipes & antenna
  12. Pressure wash solar panels & hot water systems
  13. Final thorough rinse down of entire roof
  14. Pressure wash out internal & external guttering
  15. Rinse down house, paths, fences, glass panels etc

Ensuring excellent surface preparation is key to a long lasting restoration, simply going over the roof once with a whirl-a-way is not sufficient to produce a perfectly clean surface.

It is vital to ensure these extra few steps are completed as they often hide a dirty surface that the primer will not adhere to and canĀ  cause premature wear and deterioration.

Icrr Edited Stills 40
Icrr Edited Stills 30

Repairs Repair work is carried out to ensure the roof is in as new condition and water tight

  1. Replace all broken tiles from under ridge caps
  2. Replace all broken tiles
  3. Seal around any penetration on the roof (TV antenna, stink pipes etc) using a quality polyurethane
  4. Repair any flashings if required
  5. Reset flashings if required
  6. Reset valley tiles and install valley clips to ensure no movement in future
  7. Clean debris from roof
  8. Blow roof down from work carried out

These repairs are undertaken in an extremely fussy manner to ensure the roof will weather every storm.

Pointing Pointing of the ridge caps is essential to ensure the ridge and hip tiles will not allow water ingress

  1. Re-bed any ridge & hip capping if required
  2. Apply flexible pointing to all ridge & hip capping
  3. Reinsert weep holes to keep with building standards

All pointing is carried out to a high standard ensuring a neat and uniform finish is achieved and all collars are rounded smoothly.

Completing the pointing as smoothly as possible will achieve a better end result once paint is applied.

Icrr Edited Stills 29
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Painting Coating of the roof provides a water tight surface and a deep lustre that will outlast the original tile coating

  1. Blow down entire roof for a clean surface
  2. Mask all solar panels, skylights, hot water systems etc
  3. Apply a thick even coat of primer sealer (High build CT-401 for cement tile & W+ for Metal)
  4. Apply 2 colour coats by brush to all lead flashings, barge caps or any surface that can not be sprayed
  5. Apply a thick even layer of roof membrane
  6. Apply a second thick even layer of roof membrane
  7. Apply 1 even layer of NanoProtect SC-96
  8. Remove all masking plastic and tape
  9. Once dry inspect entire roof to ensure we are satisfied the job is complete

We have developed our coating techniques over many decades, cement tile roofs require a different coating technique to metal.

Our cement tile technique ensures the nose of the tile receives 6 coats total and all 3 coats are applied evenly over the entire surface with no thin areas and every angle of the tile is coated.

Our Metal roof technique involves 2 separate spraying methods to ensure all screws are coated evenly with the final layer achieving a perfect, even finish with no patchy areas.


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Roof Restoration Useful Information

Are you licenced with the QBCC and insured?

Yes, We are fully licenced with QBCC LIC No: 15085347

We are fully insured with public liability as well as our own personal health, work cover and business insurance.

You can rest easy knowing you are completely protected

What is the guarantee?

In Colour Roof Restorations guarantees all of our workmanship for 10 years.

All products are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 years.

Every completed job is kept on file by both In Colour Roof Restorations as well as the manufacturer for the duration of the warranty period.

Why is there such a price difference between companies?

Quality! Both in product and in service. Some of the bigger firms have to employ a lot of specialist staff which adds cost to the consumer. With Sam Futcher as a leader in knowledge of the industry our costs and overheads are lower than most.

How long will the coating last?

Under normal environmental conditions it should last over 20 years.

How long will it take?

On average a restoration will take 3-4 days.

What is your quality control?

All work is carried out under strict procedural and administrative controls. Sam Futcher maintains all workmanship standards through his own desire to provide the best restoration experience money can buy.

Are you locally owned and operated?

Yes, we are 100% locally owned and operated here on the Gold Coast and all of our products come from Australian owned and operated manufacturers.

Keeping people locally employed and keeping our hard earned money in our local economy is very important to us.

Are you environmentally friendly?

Yes, We ensure that no contaminants enter out waterways and are always water wise.

Even our paint supplier is aiming to be 100% carbon neutral by 2023.

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